MizzB: There is no one who can easily wake up and decide to take their life without any reason

Love Life
Love Life

“Setlhako se fisa mong wa sona” loosely translated as “only the person going through a path understands and feels its hardship”. As individuals we are designed differently and therefore our personality make up is also different. Some can be able to handle the heaviness of challenges that they come across, while others are unable to.There is no one who can easily wake up and decide to take their life without any reason. People go through a lot of challenges on a daily basis, they never easily give up but do their best to keep going. Crucifying, degrading and labeling those that took their lives is being inconsiderate. Yes losing a friend, sibling or lover due to suicide is painful and unbearable, but that does not give anyone the right to label them as “cowards”.

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It has become a harsh part of reality that most people we know or are close to take their own lives. This is very sad as it demonstrates that the load that some people are carrying is too heavy to carry alone. Often when someone takes their own lives, they leave their families , friends, colleagues, fans and loved ones with a million questions. Unfortunately it is not easy to understand the source of such an act, as it involves the individuals directly. Blaming yourself or others will not in any way bring back the person back to life, but will only create hatred and cause separation. As hard as it is to accept the passing of someone, it is the only and best way to have internal peace. We are all going to leave this earth and it does not matter how. To those who have lost their loved ones, may you all find healing and comfort in the memories that you have created together!

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