I’m ashamed I never had Tlof tlof. Can I pretend to know what real sex is and convince her?


Dear MizzB 

I am a 26-years-old guy and still a virgin.

I have never had sex but often masturbate. I am ashamed to let my girlfriend know the truth as she is no longer a virgin. Can i pretend to know what real sex is and convince her?

Dear Brotha

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin. Each person decides on what is best for them including when to break their virginity.

Honesty is important in every relationship and lies can break people up. Just be honest with your partner and she might surprise you and be supportive.

Whether she chooses to stay or go, never be ashamed of your choices. Safeguard your well-being at all times and never allow anyone to convince you to let your guard down. 

Remember to condomise and keep safe. All the best!

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