How to win over your partner's family

Partner's family.
Partner's family.

ONCE your relationship with your bae has gone through the honeymoon phase, you’ll start spending a lot of your time with the family, from becoming a regular visitor to having keys to the house.

Even though you’ll soon be part of the furniture, not ringing the wedding bells is another phase you’ll have to overcome, which isn’t always easy.

Psychologists say our partners’ families are key reasons for strain in relationships. Clashing with future or current in-laws can drive a wedge between the two of you in your relationship.

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Here are some tools experts have come up with to help soothe your relationship with your partner’s family.

1. Be yourself

It sounds cliché, but it works. Experts warn against being inconsistent when it comes to winning your partner’s family over. Rather hate me for who I am, than to love me for what I’m not, right?

2. Put on your positive spectacles

“It’s easy to see the negatives in others, especially if the relationship started on the wrong foot,” says Double Trust Dating relationship expert Jonathan Bennett. “However, everyone has positive aspects, even if you have to look.”

3. Good manners always win

My gogo always said greeting and saying please, thank you and sorry would get you far and was the passport of life. Should you want to making a lasting impression, good manners will set you on the right path.

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