How to socially distance yourself from your ex


There is a saying in Zulu that: “Into emnandi iyaphindwa.”

Translated, all good things must be done over and over again.

Now the above statement may be countered with:

“One never peels their potatoes twice.”

But, whatever side of the spectrum you fall in, we can all agree that we sometimes fall in and out of love in life, leaving exes behind as evidence.

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Now with 2020 being deemed the year of social distancing due to Covid-19, psychologists also agree that the same principle needs to apply when dealing with ex-lovers aka exes.

Now we all know that love is a complex matter, and the heart is no different.

However, achieving ultimate progression in your life includes moving on from your past.

Many experts speak about the importance of moving forward like Nedbank in your love life, but from time to time we find ourselves rewinding or replaying our past relationships with our exes.

These experts deem as an emotional toxic situation, and recommend the following to socially distance yourself from your ex-partner:

1. Shift your mindset

Experts agree that removing the letter E from the word ex is a start. Removing the letter E seeks to erase emotions and extensions you still have with him/her. The remaining letter X simply means you’re now ready to press the delete button.

2. Avoid any links/attachments

Deleting all forms of communication is a good place to start at. Secondly, avoiding their family and friends could also do you a world of good.

3. Draw all the positives of now being single

Instead of seeing things as half empty, learn to see things from another viewpoint. Being single affords you the greatest gift of being emotionally liberated. Embrace your new chapter of your life.

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