Five underwear rules for your health!

Underwear rules for your health!
Underwear rules for your health!

CHOOSING the right underwear is just as important as choosing your outfit.

It has to fit right and at times match the mood you are in.

Beyond fashion, there are important health matters one should consider when putting on underwear.

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According to Healthline magazine, there are important things to consider when choosing the right underwear:

1. Choose natural fabrics – specifically cotton

Cotton is the best underwear fabric. It is the gentlest fabric to touch your skin. It’s also breathable and absorbent, which can help prevent yeast infections for females. Synthetic materials like nylon and spandex don’t allow the area to breathe. Instead, they trap heat and moisture, creating a perfect breeding ground for yeast infections.

2. Aim to change your underwear every day, even more than once if you want!

Some doctors say that you can get away with wearing a pair of underwear two days in a row if there’s not much discharge or sweat. But if you start to feel uncomfortable because of things such as vaginal discharge build-up, you can change them more than once a day.

3. Go commando at night to air out the moisture

Going without a cloth barrier allows the area to breathe overnight and keeps moisture from building up or creating an environment for bacteria to build. If you really don’t like the feeling of being naked, experts advise you to wear loose-fitting pyjama bottoms.

4.Thongs really aren’t bad for your vaginal health

It’s always been assumed that thongs can’t be good for the health of your nether regions. However, studies haven’t found evidence that thongs cause yeast vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, or urinary tract infections.

5. Wash your underwear in hypoallergenic soap

All types of underwear should be handled more gently then the rest of your wardrobe. It’s mostly because they sit up against your more sensitive skin area for long periods of time. Dr Alyse Kelly-Jones recommends using gentle, hypoallergenic soap to wash them because anything soapy or chemical next to the vulva can lead to irritation, itching and allergic reactions.

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