Countries with the worst drivers

Worst drivers in the world..,.
Worst drivers in the world..,.

“LEAVE sooner, drive slower and live longer.”

The above quote by an unknown author beautifully explains the secret behind being a good driver.

If one leaves early at a venue and normally drives slowly, they will live longer.

Sadly though, this quote is not practiced by certain drivers from certain parts of the world.

Simply put, there are countries that have bad drivers on the road.

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According to World Motors, there are over 7,5 billion people worldwide, and over 1 billion cars travelling on the roads across the globe each and every day.

According to The-Travel magazine, a study looked at countries with the worst drivers in the world.

The study looked at population, road conditions and car accident-related deaths.

According to the publication, these are the top 5 countries with the worst drivers globally:

1. United States

With adequate laws, properly maintained roads and generally efficient drivers, what could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot! The United States is home to huge amounts of texting and driving, cases which are responsible for over 1,6 million incidents each year.

2. Turkey

Turkey is home to some strict laws that include always carrying a driver’s licence, proof of motor insurance, ID, and an age requirement of being 18 years or older in order to drive a registered car, says World Nomads. However, this doesn’t stop drivers from ignoring these laws and creating havoc on the roads.

3. Brazil

Brazil actually has some strict driving laws for both citizens and foreigners. However, with nearly 210 million people living in Brazil, there’s bound to be some bad drivers out there. According to Just Landed, drivers are often diligent of their surroundings, however, road conditions, intersections, and large roundabouts make driving more difficult, which leads to countless accidents.

4. Philippines

The Philippines is home to some pretty wild driving conditions and drivers as well. Drivers in main cities such as Manila are known to disregard their turn signal or follow any and all traffic laws that can only lead to no good. According to Dangerous Roads, the roads are not maintained well, making driving experiences significantly worse.

5. Romania

Romania, specifically Bucharest, is known to be the accident capital of the world, and that is certainly a representation of how the drivers can be. According to Romania Tourism, road conditions and driving behaviour differ significantly than in the United States, making it quite a shock for those visiting.

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