Why booze helps up the sex game


The research found that 75% of women actually liked to have a drink before getting into bed with their husband or boyfriend and that booze doubles as a sexual lubricant.

Alcohol is mainly known for its ability to break the ice between strangers and eases the stresses of modern life which ends leading some people to one-night stands. 

Speaking to The Sun, a woman shared that when she is tipsy she totally forgets about her body's insecurities. 

"Nowadays if I do get drunk before having sex it’s because I want to be adventurous in bed.

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"I don’t bother restricting myself to the missionary position and I love riding cowgirl too. The lights are on and the covers are off the bed." 

Comedian Eleanor Conway says although she has been sober for a while, she was the world champion of drunk sex.

Rachel Lewis, 27, says one guy would always know they'd end up sleeping together if she was drinking.

"It transformed my social life. If I’d had a drink I was chatty and flirty with men. I found it easier to make the first move when I’d had a drink. It was easy to go on to have sex when I’d had alcohol too."

Operations Manager Megan Thomas, 32, says wine made her feel sexier. 

"Wine helped me feel sexier and more at ease before I went to bed with someone."

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