Benefits of eating mogodu!

Benefits of eating mogodu...
Benefits of eating mogodu...

SOUTH Africa is a meat-loving nation.

Whether you serve people the inner or outer part of the meat, they will show you how to eat and enjoy both parts.

And this also goes for tripe (mogodu), that many South Africans love. This is a type of edible lining from the stomachs of various farm animals.

According to meat experts, most tripe meat comes from cattle, pigs and sheep.

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And according to MasterClass chefs,tripe contains little fat and most of its flavour comes from the surrounding organs, giving it a mild liver-like flavour.

Tripe is mostly valued for its chewy texture, and it is made up of smooth muscle and a lot of connective tissue.

The eating and serving of mogodu has become popular in recent times. We have seen the popularity of mogodu Mondays, that according to trends, is a weekly occasion wherein many make a celebration of the most unpopular day of the week.

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Mogodu Mondays see people flipping the script by turning it into an enjoyable time over great food with friends and family at their local cafés, restaurants and shisa nyama spots.

However, are there health benefits to this famous South African meat? According to WebMD, these are some of the benefits of eating mogodu:

1. It helps with bone and muscle support

Tripe is an excellent and generally inexpensive source of lean protein. And, protein helps keep you full while also allowing your body to repair damaged tissue and build muscle. A three-ounce serving of tripe contains 10g of protein, which is about 20% of the average daily requirement.

2. Helps prevent anaemia

Mogodu is rich in vitamin B12, that helps prevent anaemia. When your body is anaemic, it doesn’t have enough red blood cells to transport oxygen to your organs. This can lead to symptoms such as weakness and fatigue. Some studies suggest that getting nutrients, like B12, through food instead of supplements may increase the amount of the micronutrient you actually absorb. This helps your body use these vitamins and minerals more efficiently.

3. It’s great for weight loss and management

Eating high-protein foods can help control your appetite and manage your weight. On top of that, tripe is low in calories and fat compared to other sources of animal protein. Studies have shown that consuming high-protein foods during weight loss can help reduce snacking and thoughts about food late at night. This reduction in appetite has also been linked to more success in losing or maintaining weight over time.

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