5 reasons why you need to pee all the time

Why are you suddenly so desperate to pee? There are a couple of reasons.
Why are you suddenly so desperate to pee? There are a couple of reasons.

You suddenly need to pee more than usual. You may even experience some leakage when laughing or sneezing. You are wondering whether this is normal or not.

There are a number of underlying medical conditions that will cause you to urinate more frequently than usual.

What counts as frequent urination?

The number of times we normally pee depends on several factors – like age, gender and how much water we drink. Our bladders can hold up to 500ml (two cups) of fluid, and the average adult needs to pee about six times a day.

While it’s important to regularly void the bladder – as static urine can lead to infections – anything more than six times a day might indicate an underlying issue.

Most women are well aware of their pelvic floor muscles, they're often encouraged to practice exercises to strengthen them in preparation for childbirth and to restore 'what was' afterwards. Now research is showing men should also be strengthening...

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