ZODWA WABANTU: 'Many will miss me'

Zodwa Wabantu. Photo: Instagram
Zodwa Wabantu. Photo: Instagram

IN a time when fans are concerned about their favourite celebrities, Zodwa Wabantu has worried her fans.

She sent out a cryptic post that left her fans and followers confused. Taking to Instagram, she posted a video and captioned it: “Many will miss me.”

That got people worried and asking if she’s okay. Some were asking for those who are close to her to check up on her because celebs have been opening up about their mental health and how they feel.

She responded to some of her fans saying she was fine and that she was shifting to another dimension.

Zodwa responded: “I’m okay my love not in a bad way, just shifting to another dimension.”

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The dancer and businesswoman, who recently heeded to her calling to be a sangoma, opened up to Daily Sun about what was happening in her life and what the new dimension she’s getting into was.

She said it was inspired by her journey of the ancestors that she has undertaken, and her great-grandfather has led her to another direction in her life.

“I have accepted my great-grandfather who was born in 1822 and I have to build him indumba where I should put him and welcome him because I have woken him up. He also woke himself up to be in me and I have accepted him. That is the new dimension that I will getting into,” she said.

Zodwa also shared more about her journey and said her fame came from her great-grandfather.

“Just like me, mkhulu was also famous. The fame that I have is because of him. He has a book that was written by people from London, UK. He has travelled all over the world and the travelling that I have done is because of him. The answer to people who question me on how I go all over the world because I don’t sing or act, is him,” she said. 

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“The fame that’s never-ending is because of him. No one can take me out. It’s his power,” said Zodwa.

However, she said getting into this dimension will not disturb the work she does as an entertainer.

“Zodwa the entertainer is still going to be there. I won’t thwasa, but I see things. I am a prophet. What has happened is that mkhulu wants me to go home and speak to my family. He has given me messages to share with them and he wants my work to start at home. My family has confirmed all the things I’ve told them and have really accepted me and what I have to say,” said Zodwa

“However, at this point, I am not sure if I am supposed to sit at the place where I will build and help people. But I think the time will come, as it is a journey,” she said.

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