Zama shares her PAIN!

A scene from the short film Noloyiso, which was created by Zama Qhwesha. Photo by Facebook.
A scene from the short film Noloyiso, which was created by Zama Qhwesha. Photo by Facebook.

ACTRESS and theatre performer Zama Qhwesha (22) is telling her life story through a short film she created.

The BA student at Unisa said the film, Noloyiso, was about the abuse she suffered at the hands of a boyfriend.

Zama, from Bizana in the Eastern Cape, said the film tells the story of a young girl who has just completed matric and moves to Joburg to study further. She meets a powerful student representative council leader who is supposed to help her but takes advantage of her vulnerability. Nombongo Matomane is the lead actress in the film.

Zama said she wanted to work through her pain as a victim of gender-based violence with the project. She said she was emotionally and physically abused by her ex-boyfriend. She said he used to hit her and she would forgive him because she loved him.

She said she’d blame herself as he made her believe she was the problem. Zama said she finally left him after he slapped her for a second time. “I wasn’t sure about my decision until I spoke to a friend and he told me I’d better call it quits because these were red flags.”

Producer Dr Yongama Mrwetyana said it was exciting to deal with an issue affecting many families.

“Not so long ago in Mthatha, we were marching because of a woman who passed away after being abused. We attended another funeral of a teenager killed by her lover.”

Mrwetyana said the film aimed to create awareness about GBV in black communities. “It will be submitted to M-Net after it has been screened, having been submitted to the Mthatha Film Festival for a screening. I can say the response has been amazing,” he said.

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