Top actor takes a break from social media!

Vuyo Ngcukana, who plays Schumacher in the Mzansi Magic drama, The Queen.
Vuyo Ngcukana, who plays Schumacher in the Mzansi Magic drama, The Queen.

TALENTED actor Vuyo Ngcukana has decided to take a break from social media.

According to the actor, who plays Schumacher on Mzansi Magic’s popular telenovela The Queen, this is because of how the claims of him being fired affected his aunt.

It was recently reported that Vuyo had been fired because he broke contractual agreements, of which he dismissed as an attack to his professional career.

“This has been an attack on my professional reputation which has caused my family, loved ones and business associates stress. At the very least, I’m disappointed but not surprised. I have not been fired from The Queen,” he said, adding that the reports were deliberate and malicious.


“Please believe that it is not the first time nor will it be the last. I hold myself to a very high standard with work and I have never compromised that. I appreciate the love since that post. Please keep enjoying the work, and God bless.”

He said the claims resulted in her aunt being sick.

“After seeing how sick my aunt got from what many think is a ‘silly’ story that I should get over, I only have one thing to sort out and I’m out of here. Twitter is not a place I want to be at,” he said.

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