Tresor on hunt for new talent!

Mukengerwa Tresor Riziki
Mukengerwa Tresor Riziki

TRESOR has collaborated with Hunter’s to discover new talent.

The Afro-pop singer and songwriter has collaborated with Hunter’s to create Jacquel Culture House, a platform that will offer up-and-coming artists the skills and resources to succeed in the music industry.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Tresor said: “I have had the concept for the last few years. The aim of this project is to find incredible talent. Artists will get a mobile studio and mentorship from me and Zakes Bantwini to gain knowledge, skills and also build relationships.”

He also noted that there is a lot that they have planned for this project, such as a talent search and if artists want to be involved, they can find more information on social media.

The alcohol brand’s marketing manager Anita Mubangizi said: “Embarking on a journey to create new platforms for creative expression in music and entertainment is a non-negotiable task for Hunter’s. We have been looking for the right partner to work with and bring this to life; to get to a point where we can create opportunities in the music space for the youth, and for some, help create sustainable incomes from the industry.”

Tresor has also collaborated with Drake on Drake’s last two albums,Certified Lover Boy and the recently released Honestly, Nevermind.

He said: “With these collaborations, we are able to push African music and culture to a whole new level. It is a great indication that we are doing something good. Things are changing and I am glad that we are at the forefront of it. Being involved is such a great honour.”

The singer also shared a message of encouragement to up-and-coming artists.

“Make sure that you are bold. Do not be scared to experiment and have fun. It is important that you must always bring something new to the table,” said Tresor.

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