AKA and Nadia squash Ghana rumours

AKA allegedly had a heated argument with ex-girlfriend Nadia Nakai (inset).
AKA allegedly had a heated argument with ex-girlfriend Nadia Nakai (inset).

RAPPERS Nadia Nakai and AKA have strongly denied a claim that they got into a heated altercation during a recent trip to Ghana.

In a joint statement sent to Daily Sun, the two said their trip, during which they both had separate work engagements, was beautiful. They said it was being turned into a public smear campaign.

“What we took to be light interactions with industry peers has been twisted by outsiders.

“There was no physical nor verbal altercation. We are fine and there’s no drama between us. We’re basking in our successes.”

She recently performed in Ghana along with Moonchild Sanelly and according to the source, they fought at the after-party and Nadia took a flight back to Mzansi the next day.

When the SunTeam reached out to her, she denied that there was any physical altercation.

“It never happened. I was not assaulted in any way. We just got into an argument and that is all.”

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It appears the two have unfollowed each other on social media. AKA also took to Instagram and wrote: “I will never let another woman degrade me ever again.”

Moonchild didn’t want to comment.

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