SKEEM SAAM actor just won't stop cheating!

Skeem Saam’s John Maputla has cheated on his wife Meikie again.
Skeem Saam’s John Maputla has cheated on his wife Meikie again.

Although he is a man of high standing in society and everyone respects him, there is no doubt that John Maputla is a serial cheater.

He’s now having his fourth affair after he cheated on Meikie with MaNtuli, Charity, and Mary on Skeem Saam.

Meikie has found out about his new affair with Melita, after MaNtuli visited her in prison and dropped the bombshell on her. She thought things would be better between them. What will her next move be, now that she knows John hasn’t changed?

John’s family also found out about the affair, and they have confronted him about it.

They are unhappy because his wife is in prison because of his infidelity and now he’s busy with another woman.


Despite Azwindini angering viewers for not supporting Susan after their 20-year-long marriage, the storyline on Muvhango has a strong message and we have to applaud the writers of the show.

After all the things she has done for her husband Azwindini, he didn’t give it a second thought after she made one mistake and he kicked her out of their home and got her fired from her job.

The storyline of her finding a lawyer and taking back her power and what she rightfully deserves is amazing. Hopefully Suzan gets what she wants.

On House of Zwide, another love triangle has erupted.

Just when Nkosi and Shoko put their turbulent past behind them and chose happiness, Mampho arrives out of the blue with the news that she’s pregnant. But is it really Nkosi’s child, or is this another trick?

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