Siya, Lady D did a great job!

Ukhozi FM and Metro FM DJs, Siya Mhlongo and Dudu “Lady D” Khoza did a great job.
Ukhozi FM and Metro FM DJs, Siya Mhlongo and Dudu “Lady D” Khoza did a great job.

Although I ended up crying in unison with Deborah Fraser’s daughter Aaliyah when she paid tribute to her mum, it was Ukhozi FM and Metro FM DJs, Siya Mhlongo and Dudu “Lady D” Khoza’s running of the programme that caught my attention.

They held me spellbound throughout the five-hour, moving funeral service.

During one of the short exchanges with her co-host, Lady D was heard saying that she was glad that KZN people didn’t allow themselves to be outclassed by Gauteng folks. It is this talk of unity that makes Ukhozi the most listened-to radio station.

Even when one of their own has entered a competition that seeks him or her to be nominated, every presenter during their shows doesn’t forget to remind listeners to vote for their colleague. Unlike presenters from other radio stations who are consumed by jealousy, the Zulu people always support each other

Did you see the likes of Mzwakhe Mbuli gracing this sombre occasion over the weekend? No!

Even the musicians who rendered musical items were mostly from KZN.

The unity I’m talking about was best displayed by gospel musician Sgwili, who was called to the stage and later joined by Babo unannounced.

The last time I read about Sgwili and Babo, they had gone their separate ways. But they came together and sang for Deborah.

Maybe it’s the strong belief in their culture that make KZN people so special.

It is such unity that is needed among South Africans that will make this country successful.

  • Samuel Radebe


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