Siko twins: 'Insults will not stand in our way'

Twin sisters Olwethu and Owami Siko are looking for one husband.   Photo from Instagram
Twin sisters Olwethu and Owami Siko are looking for one husband. Photo from Instagram

INSULTS have become part of daily life for Olwethu and Owami Siko.

The twin sisters said ever since they started appearing on Mzansi Magic reality show Twice as Bold, they have been criticised by the public.

“People are calling us sluts, whores and loose women with no morals but we have done nothing wrong. We are just looking for a husband. Insults will not stand in our way because we know what we want. We will not be discouraged,” said Olwethu.

She said they were not living to please other people. “We understand people are not used to this kind of life but we’re here to educate them. We have been approached by other sets of twins who share the same interests as us,” she said.

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Owami said they were used to threesomes because they had one husband.

“We have been on a date with other twins but we don’t think our relationship will work with them. Our ancestors are OK with a threesome but against a foursome.”

Owami said since the show started, they had attracted a lot of men.

In the last episode, Olwethu said: “We’ve attracted a number of suitors, including celebrities and politicians, but none of these people meet our standards.”

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