Have Siko twins finally found a husband?

The Siko twin sisters, Olwethu and Owami's have found a man that they can both share. Photo from Instagram.Photo by
The Siko twin sisters, Olwethu and Owami's have found a man that they can both share. Photo from Instagram.Photo by

THE Siko twins Olwethu and Owami’s wish to find a man they can share is now a reality.

But the 32-year-old sisters said their man doesn’t want to be known yet.

“He doesn’t have a problem with us being in the public eye.

“But we are trying to convince him to come out because some people don’t believe we found someone to share,” she said.

Owami said their man believes in polygamy and loves them dearly.

“He respects our spiritual journey and supports us. He is also present in our children’s lives,” she said.

The pair starred in their reality show called Twice as Bold, which gave viewers a chance to know them more.

On the show, they revealed they wanted to share a man as they are one spirit in one body.

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Their relationships with their mother and brother were also showcased on the show. Although their relationship with their mother was a bit bumpy as they blamed her for not being part of their lives, things were ironed out in the end and their relationship was mended.

The twins said shooting the first episode was fun.

Owami said: “When we saw some Twitter posts and other social media posts where people were talking badly about us, we were hurt. But after talking to celebrities they told us it’s nothing to worry about.”

Owami said they also noticed that the number of people who followed them grew.

“We also received inboxes from people who told us that we inspire them. We received a lot of love from people even when we walk in malls,” said Owami.

She said they hope the show will be renewed for another season as they received a lot of messages from people telling them they want to see more of them.

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