'Kelly knew exactly who Senzo was'!

Singer, Kelly Khumalo says she didn't know who Senzo was before the dated.
Singer, Kelly Khumalo says she didn't know who Senzo was before the dated.

THE family of the slain goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa has reacted to singer Kelly Khumalo’s claims.

Senzo’s brother, Sifiso Meyiwa, spoke to Daily Sun.

He said: “When they met, Senzo had already made a name for himself. He was already a big brand.

“Kelly was also aware that Senzo is married and had a stable family with his wife, but she maneuvered her way into Senzo’s life. It is not true that he dumped his wife for her.

“She knew exactly who Senzo was and that’s why she got into a relationship with him. She is a gold digger that’s why she got into a relationship with him.

“My brother was already popular and leading a clean life but Kelly ruined his good name. She was a bad influence on him.”

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On Monday evening, Kelly made shocking claims on national TV.

In her exclusive interview, she said: “First of all, I was Kelly Khumalo before Senzo Meyiwa. I didn’t know who Senzo was until a friend of mine explained to me who he was. Nobody knew who Senzo was until he was attached to the brand Kelly Khumalo. I had nothing to gain from his wins or losses. All I had was love for him, nothing else.”

She further claimed that Senzo voluntarily dumped his wife to be with her.

“I did not stay in the relationship, but Senzo dropped his relationship to be with me,” she said.

She claimed that her life has been in danger since Senzo’s death and for this reason, she wants her day in court.

She said she believed that she’s one of the people who have to say something.

“My daughter’s father was murdered and nobody deserved that. My life has been in danger since the murder. The people I love have been in danger, including my attorney. So how would I not want my day in court?” she said.

“However, the public doesn’t understand the court proceedings. I cannot just go on TV and speak whichever way I want but I need to follow court processes,” she said.

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She also complained that the justice system was failing her.

“It is peculiar how everyone wants to know how I’m doing. I’m doing great, I’m protected by the powers beyond me. I’m in good space.

“I’m also happy that finally we are at the point where the law wants to take a step where this matter is concerned. I’m excited about this and I can’t wait for it to unfold,” she said.

“This is not just about Kelly Khumalo as a musician ... justice is not served. The law is not playing the part it’s supposed to play. The lowest point for me is being let down by the law.

“As a South African citizen, I trust and believe in the law to protect not just me, but my family and our society. But with what has just happened to me, I’ve had my life threatened, my family has been threatened, not once but multiple times,” she continued.

She said she still misses Senzo. “I miss him all the time. I’m not just missing him but I know he could have been an amazing father to our daughter, as he had been an amazing father to his older daughters,” she said.

But she wouldn’t answer questions about the relationship between Senzo’s daughter, Thingo, and the Meyiwas.

However, Sifiso told Daily Sun that they have tried to see Senzo’s daughter, but Kelly would not let them.

“On several occasions, we tried contacting Kelly with the hope of inviting Senzo’s daughter but she wouldn’t let us. She wouldn’t take our calls.

“We are still hoping to see the child because she’s our blood, but Kelly is keeping her away from us,” said Sifiso.

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