Lasizwe retires Nomatriquency!

Nomatriquency is a female character that Lasizwe Dambuza plays on his YouTube channel.
Nomatriquency is a female character that Lasizwe Dambuza plays on his YouTube channel.

YouTuber and reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza has shared news that’ll break his fans’ hearts.

The 23-year-old star told SunBuzz his character, Nomatriquency, is being killed this year after three years of entertaining his 785 000 subscribers.

Nomatriquency is a female character that Lasizwe plays on his YouTube channel. She has become a fan favourite and has even bagged an endorsement with Steers.

While he didn’t share much about the decision, he shared what people can expect.

“Nomatriquency is dying this year. I’ll be killing her. There’s a mini docu-series that’s coming. It’s about her. I can’t say a lot, but we are killing her this year,” he said.

The media personality also has a show that’s currently on the platform and it’s a hit with his fans. Lungile and Lasizwe, with his brother Lungile Mcunu, is a weekly show where the brothers compete in different venues around the country.

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Lasizwe and Lungile came about from my reality show, Fake It Till You Make It on MTV. It’s just a spin-off that we’re trying to do online just to get everyone who doesn’t have DStv access to our content and see the kind of life we live,” he said.

“We want to travel South Africa, explore it and show places that have never been seen.

“And we want to show it through our bromance. We’re also teaching people how to love their homosexual siblings,” he said.

Lasizwe said it was important for him to choose Lungile.

“Lungile and I have such a cool relationship till this day. People are trying to figure out how we get along because we are polar opposites. He is really straight, and some people would expect him to be homophobic.

“He embraces me in everything I do even through the wigs and G-strings I wear,” he said. “We are currently building the Lungile and Lasizwe intellectual property and we’ll continue to tour around the country, partnering up with brands and showcase different provinces,” he continued.

He also revealed that he is venturing into acting.

“What I’m working on right now is private and confidential because I’ve moved to the acting scene. I was recently on Durban Gen and that was amazing. I’m still exploring the acting side to see where it goes and I’m going back to YouTube because that’s where my bread is buttered the most and I love the space,” said Lasizwe.

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