Reality TV pastor battles with his feelings!

Pastor Tshegofatso Modisakeng wants a wife.
Pastor Tshegofatso Modisakeng wants a wife.

REALITY show Pastor Wants A Wife had the internet buzzing on Wednesday night, 29 June.

Season 2 revolves around Tshegofatso Modisakeng (35), who is looking for a wife.

At the beginning of the show, he spent time with 10 potential wives. He has already eliminated seven of them. He is now left with three, and they are Dudu, Carol and Eunice.

In the last few episodes, Tshego seemed to be smitten by Dudu.

Carol has already made it clear that she has no romantic feelings for Tshego.

Dudu, through her actions and words, has made her intentions clear that she wants to be Mamfundisi. In addition to this, there seems to be strong chemistry between the two.

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On Wednesday evening, Tshego met all 10 ladies at the reunion and he is expected to choose one as his wife.

His meeting with the ladies set social media abuzz as people were rooting for Dudu.

Thandi Zuma commented: “Maar I’m happy uDudu was not scared to show her affectionate side. She’s the only one who gets kisses from the pastor in front of us as viewers.”

Nolali wrote: “I was so certain that pastor Tshego is going to choose Dudu, judging by their chemistry and all. But after their conversation now, eish, I’m not sure anymore.”

Precious Nduku said: “If pastor doesn’t choose Dudu I’m going to die shem. If this chemistry only exists in my dreams, don’t wake me up.”

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