'UMLANDO dance was created by demons'


NOT EVERYBODY is joining in the cool moves of the #UmlandoChallenge that has Mzansi dancing.

A pastor from Cape Town is wagging a warning finger and claims God took him to heaven and showed him the dance in the realm of the spirit.


The song by Mdoova, 9umba, Toss, Young Stunna, Sir Trill, Lady Du, Sino Msolo and Slade was released in January after setting the social media streets on fire due to a dance challenge done by one of the singers, Pholoso “Toss” Masombuka.

Pastor John Anosike from the Spirit Revelation Ecclesia in Cape Town had a sermon preaching about the dance and claimed God showed him the dance before it became popular.

“Yes, the Lord took me there. I saw how the demons manufactured that dance style. And guess what? So many girls all over the world have hosted that demon,” he claimed in a video.

“In their TikTok they wear something tight and then dance. So many girls! On the campuses, some young girls, some of your daughters, have hosted that demon,” he warns.

People on social media are laughing at his sermon and so are the Umlando hit-makers.

Producer Mduduzi “Mdoovar” Memela told Daily Sun when they heard the pastor said it was demonic, they asked themselves, how?

“If it is demonic, then why did it change our lives for the better? When we talked about it as a team, Toss said but this is history no one understands,” he said.

“It came with a revolution and that’s why there’s so much talk about it.

“It’s now international and we believe it’s all good.”

Mdoovar said they won’t even pay attention to the pastor and what he thinks about the dance or the challenge.

“We will not fight other people for having different things to say about the song. I believe in God way too much for him to change and make me do demonic things,” said Mdoovar.

TV presenter and pastor of Restoration House, Pastor Enoch Phiri said there is nothing wrong with the Umlando challenge.

“I know the song and have also done the dance on top of my desk. Perhaps, Pastor Anosike is irritated by the women who shake their bums around.

“If you’re a true African, you’ll understand that a woman shaking her waist or bum is part of expression, dancing or celebrating.

“If one were to say it’s demonic, I won’t be able to concur. That’s how women have always danced from Cape to Cairo,” he said,

Pastor Phiri said the dance should be embraced.

“The church is good at demonising things, especially us men of God. We need to go back to basics,” he said.

“When Jesus came here, He never came to destroy our culture. He came to be part of it. If anyone demonises this, we must be careful. Next, they will demonise our culture.”

He said there is no scripture saying it is demonic.

At the time the song and the dance were trending, it got so big that people on social media participated and while it was fun for most, it ended in tears for others.

Former Metro FM presenter Dineo Ranaka and Umhlobo Wenene FM’s Putco Mafani were suspended after participating in the challenge. They were allowed back to work weeks later.

Toss, the man behind the dance and the challenge, became one of the most-booked artists after the success of the song. He once fainted on stage while performing in March.

“I fainted due to fatigue,” he said at the time.

“There’s already a video on Twitter that’s moving, so I want you to know I’m okay.”

Last week, Grammy-winning musician Ciara also shared a video of herself doing the dance.

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