Siko twins find potential husbands!

The Biyela twins Sakhile and Thabani believe that they have found love in Siko twins Owami and Olwethu.
The Biyela twins Sakhile and Thabani believe that they have found love in Siko twins Owami and Olwethu.

IN recent episodes of Twice as Bold, Olwethu and Owami Siko have insisted that they want one husband – and twins Sakhile and Thabani Biyela say they are available.

“We’re currently courting the twins. We’ve never had group sex before, but we’re open to a new experience,” said Sakhile.

He shared that they were aware the ladies wanted a rich husband who could maintain their lifestyle.

“Unfortunately we are not rich, but we can guarantee them love and good sex,” he said, adding that they also shared one soul.

Thabani said: “We are Zulu men and use the sex booster, sizochatha, to make sure we satisfy in bed. We also don’t think there’s anything wrong with group sex. It’s nothing to be ashamed of because we also share one soul.”

In the previous episode, Olwethu said they were used to threesomes.

“But if this relationship with the Biyela twins works out, it means we will swop partners from time to time.”

She added: “He must be able to give us an allowance of R30 000 a month, which means R15 000 for each twin.”

Previously, Owami told Daily Sun their ancestors were okay with group sex. However Dr Gugu Mazibuko, a culture expert from the University of Zululand, said twins did not have to share a husband or wife.

“Culturally, twins are treated differently and with special care. But this doesn’t mean they share one soul. Group sex between twins or couples is not part of African culture.”

Another expert Nokuzola Mndende said: “Sex in marriage is sacred. The twins are misleading. Both the Biyela and Siko twins are driven by lust. They must not involve culture.”

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