NGIZWE: No to Khuzani's money!


WHEN NGIZWE Mchunu lost his father, artists and friends sent money to mourn with him – and so did Khuzani Mpungose.

But Ngizwe turned down the offer and returned the R5 000 sent by the star. sent by the maskandi star.


Khuzani was like my son but this boy insulted me, calling me evil names. 

“He insulted my wives and my home. My mother cried because of this boy.”

Sources close to Ngizwe told Daily Sun that when Ngizwe got a bank notification of the R5 000 Khuzani had deposited into his account, he became angry and sent the money back. 

Ngizwe lost his father, Mganomanxeba Mchunu, recently. 

It’s clear that there is still bad blood between Mchunu and Khuzani. 

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Ngizwe, who was once best friends with Khuzani, said he sent Khuzani’s money back because there was still unresolved issues between them.

“I returned his R5 000 and added R100 to make sure that the bank charges didn’t change the total. His money was not clean,” he alleged. 

“My father can be buried in a sack but I’m not taking money that is not clean.” 

Ngizwe’s father was buried at his home in Nkandla, KZN, on Sunday, 15 May.

The funeral service was attended by famous musicians such as Sjava.

Abafana BakaMgqumeni were among the artists who made offerings to Ngizwe during this tough time. They personally brought groceries and cows before the funeral. 

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Ngizwe and Khuzani are both from Nkandla and they were friends.

But they later started insulting each other on social media and through songs.

Khuzani said he didn’t want to talk much about his offering because he respected Ngizwe’s father and his family.

“I want to convey words of condolences to the Mchunu family about the loss of their father. 

“Regarding the offering I sent, I don’t want to talk about it in public,” said Khuzani.

“What I can say is that the offering was for the candles for the person who has died. I didn’t have any problem with him,” he said. 

He said according to the Zulu culture, the offering would be returned if the squabble involved the dead person and if that person had died without making peace with the person making the offering. 

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