Music's my destiny!


Allysa Molebi Mpofu is set to go back to her roots and connect with her people.

The 26-year-old, who was raised between Botswana and the US by her Zulu-speaking gogo, wants to bring her music back to Mzansi and Botswana.

Allysa, who’s based in the US, said she wants her people to hear her music.

“I feel like there’s so much talent in the US and it’s so unfortunate how some musicians can’t branch out and push their music. Right now, it is cool to be African. Everywhere in the world, Africa is seen as a really talented continent and I want people to know that’s where I am from. I feel it’s important for me to branch out, especially because I use Tswana and Zulu in some of my songs,” said Allysa.

“It’s important to stay true to myself and my identity and that’s something that I always try to do,” she said.

She is releasing a song titled Metador.

“I’m re-releasing it. It was part of an EP I released last year. It’s a sexy song. It’s a metaphor about people being in love. They enjoy it so much but don’t realise how toxic it can get.

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“I recently released the music video for the song and featured YouTuber Mansa Mayne, whom South Africans love and people are gravitating towards it,” she said.

Allysa said she’s always known she was destined to be a musician.

“Since growing up, I’ve loved listening to music and have always been involved in it. Once I was done with high school, I wanted to do music, but my parents wanted me to finish university first.

“However, that didn’t stop me. I continued singing in the university choir and helped friends who did music. Music always found a way into my life and I finally got into it after I finished school,” she said.

She said she is also working on a music project that’s coming soon.

“This month Focalistic came to the US and that made realise that amapiano is growing here.

“I’m working with a producer from South Africa, so I can add my roots into my music. We’re working on project that will have some amapiano,” said Allysa.

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