Monada's mansion DRAMA!

MATHATA FELA: Drama seems to be following  King Monada (inset) and his mansion.
MATHATA FELA: Drama seems to be following King Monada (inset) and his mansion.

EARLIER this month, award-winning musician King Monada threw a big party to celebrate his new house in Tzaneen.

But it seems drama is already following Monada and his mansion.

This is because Thabo Raolane claims he did work on the musician’s house, but was only paid a portion of the money THEY agreed on.

Thabo told Daily Sun he did the balustrades for the balcony and stairs and charged Monada R81 470.

But the musician allegedly only paid R29 000 and owes Thabo R52 470.

“Last year, he approached me to do the balustrades for his house, but didn’t say anything. He only came back this year and asked me to do the job. I started working in February and was almost done by the 16th of February.

“I had to go to Gauteng to get glass because he wanted steel and glass balustrades. The agreement was that he would pay me before I get to Gauteng.

“I got to Gauteng, but he only paid me R29 000, which was not the amount we agreed on,” he said.

King Monada's big house is already being followed by drama. Photo from InstagramPhoto by

Thabo said the agreement was for Monada to pay R52 470 before he could finish the work. and the balance immediately afterwards.

“He sent the R29 000 while I was in Gauteng trying to get material for him. I tried calling him and texting him to let him know I would not return until he gives me the amount we agreed on,” he said.

He said he got the surprise of his life when he saw Monada’s house on Facebook and realised that the musician got other people to finish his work.

“I only saw on Facebook that he had put glass on my work. I think he got other people to finish the work, so he doesn’t pay a lot.

“I had already done the hard work and the people who finished up did the simple work. When I call him, he doesn’t answer or respond to my messages,” he said.

Thabo said even though he didn’t finish the work, he wants all his money. “They put their glass on my work, which is wrong. I never said I couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. I always do projects and I don’t disappoint. This is my job. I don’t care if other people finished up the work, I want my money,” he said.

He added that his lawyers sent a letter of demand to the musician, but he ignored it.

“The letter was sent on 8 March, but he didn’t bother responding. He isn’t answering my lawyer’s calls. The next step we are taking right now is a summons.

We are taking this to court because he cannot rob me like this,” said Thabo.

King Monada did not answer Daily Sun’s calls. His manager, Albert Makwela, said they won’t say anything as this was a legal matter.

King Monada's big house is already being followed by drama. Photo from InstagramPhoto by

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