Lungisani wants Nozi to apologise


FILMMAKER and Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa’s Gauteng deputy secretary, Lungisani Mthethwa, has accused his colleague, Nozi Nguse, of sexual harassment.

Things are now so bad that they have been swearing at each other via WhatsApp.

Lungisani said about two months ago, Nozi approached him and complimented him on his new haircut.

She also said he smelled nice and allegedly said she wanted to have sex with him.

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“I was annoyed and angry as she’s too old for this and I respected her as a mother. She continued to make advances but I kept pushing her away. I indicated I didn’t like what she was doing and that she was making me uncomfortable. From that day she’s been aggressive and is making my life miserable whenever she gets the chance,” he claimed. He said he never reported the case because he was too embarrassed and wanted her to apologise.

But Nozi said she was only joking.

“I never said I want to sleep with him. I merely complimented him on his new hairstyle. I also said he was looking nice and fresh. Everybody, including Lungisani, laughed at my jokes. I will never apologise for my jokes.”

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