Lekau Sehoana steps into kiddies’ space!

Drip owner Lekau Sehoana, opens a kiddies shoe store called kiddies republic
Drip owner Lekau Sehoana, opens a kiddies shoe store called kiddies republic

BUSINESSMAN Lekau Sehoana is taking the business world by storm.

After a prosperous two years for his sneaker business, Drip, Lekau, via the Drip Group, has officially launched a kiddies store called Kiddies Republic.

The first store opened at Mall of the North in Polokwane, Limpopo on Saturday, 30 July.

Speaking about the kiddies clothing store, Tshiamo Mathibela, the managing director of Kiddies Republic, said it’s something South Africans will love.

“The idea for Kiddies Republic came about as a solution to the lack of a children’s clothing offering, where trend meets value for money. Kiddies Republic offers quality clothing that is on trend at an attainable price. It’s something that the South African consumer has been waiting for, and we’re very excited to be presenting the brand in stores that are eye-catching, fun, made-for-kids and expressive,” she said.

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Tshiamo said she wanted to change the retail industry in Mzansi.

“I am passionate about working with entrepreneurs and Lekau Sehoana, the CEO and chairman of the Drip Group, is a true entrepreneurial visionary. My aim is to change the narrative around South African retail so that it positively shapes the economy for growth,” she said.

“I believe that Kiddies Republic, the strategic roll out of stores, the impact this expansion will have on both job creation and our local clothing manufacturers with our #LoveLocal section in each store, will positively change the accessibility of great children’s apparel. Trendy, good quality clothing and accessories at an accessible price point will change the face of kid’s fashion in this country,” she continued.

They said more stores were set to open in other provinces such as the North West, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, and the Eastern Cape by December this year.

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