Lady Du’s dad says askies!

DJ Choc has apologised to his daughter, Lady Du.
DJ Choc has apologised to his daughter, Lady Du.

“I DEEPLY apologise.”

These words were from DJ Choc, who is musician Lady Du’s father. The veteran musician and businessman found himself trending for almost two days, after a video of him swearing at his daughter was shared on social media.

He has admitted to being wrong, and said he regretted venting out about his family matters in public.

DJ Choc, from Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni, shared that he wanted to apologise to his daughter.

It all started when Lady Du (31), real name Duduzile Ngwenya, allegedly lied about her upbringing on social media pages, which left her father unhappy.

She had shared that she did not want to see her daughter growing up in the same situation as her, which made her father angry at her.

She later deleted the post, leaving social media users wondering why she would allegedly lie as she came from a well-off family that gave her a good life and took her to the best schools.

DJ Choc released a statement, that read: “I would like to sincerely apologise for the video of me discussing my daughter, Lady Du.”

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He said the video, in which he was just venting out, landed in the wrong hands.

“Following the claims made by my daughter, I recorded the video and shared it with a family member to vent out my frustrations regarding a story supported by Lady Du about her childhood,” he said.

In the video, he can be heard swearing at her daughter, telling her to stop lying about her background. He added that the claims were unfound and baseless.

He said his intentions were not to cause any harm to her lovely daughter.

“My intentions was to clarify and shed light on that matter,” said DJ Choc.

He acknowledged that the issue could have been dealt with in a good way.

“During this difficult time, I request privacy and respect on the matter, and will reserve further comment on any platform.”

On Monday, Lady Du also shared a video of her giving her mum a car for Mother’s Day. The Mercedes Benz was written “For You Mum”.

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