KHOZA BROTHERS: Mzansi nifunabani?

SK and Abdul Khoza.
SK and Abdul Khoza.

AWARD-WINNING Khoza brothers, SK and Abdul, are at the top of their game.

But they have both been selected to play stripper Sabelo Cele on The Black Door.


Mandla N, the director of’s The Black Door, told Daily Sun there was a big audition from both the brothers and they didn’t know who to go with.

“But the real question is: who does South Africa want?” said Mandla.

“We’ll put up a poll on all social media platforms on Monday so people can vote.”

He said they were excited to see who people will vote for and get the role.

The character, Sabelo Cele, is a stripper who wants to take down Rebecca Mabuza, played by Linda Sebezo.

“We will wait for South Africa to decide, then we’ll announce who gets the role,” he said.

SK is known for his roles on productions like The QueenKings of JoburgAyeye and he is also a TV presenter.

Abdul is known for his roles on The Wife and Isibaya, and last month he bagged a DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards for Best Actor.

The production company behind the show, Black Brain Pictures, announced last week that one of the brothers would be joining the show. The brothers have also shot some scenes for the show.

IT’S GAME ON:Either SK (left) or Abdul Khoza (right) will play Sabelo Cele, a stripper who wants to take down Rebecca Mabuza.

Mandla said they sent out two press releases last week to create hype.

“One release about Abdul and one about SK. Both the press releases said a brother is joining The Black Door,” he said.

“They are both on set and they’ve filmed similar scenes, which will be aired publicly for people to see which brother is the best.”

Abdul told the People’s Paper that competing is not new to him, and SK and he isn’t stressed about it. “We’ve been competing since we were kids. It’s not a new thing for us,” Abdul said.

“This is a new platform. Other than that, we’ve always competed. If he comes, I come stronger and vice versa. It’s always been healthy competition, nothing bad.”

When asked who he thinks will take the role, he said he believes in himself.

“I believe I am a strong actor just as much as SK thinks he’s a good actor. Given that reality, obviously it’ll have to be about who fits the role more. So, I hope they choose the person who fits it the best.”

Abdul said he’s proud of being part of the historic moment.

“This is history, and I’m happy to share it with my brother. I’m always grateful for such opportunities, whether they are against my brother or friends, it’ll always be a healthy competition,” he said.

SK Khoza declined to comment.

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