Scandal actress Lusanda Mbane lends a helping hand.
Scandal actress Lusanda Mbane lends a helping hand.

TOUCHED by her mum’s favourite hymn, Lusanda Mbane lent a helping hand.

This after the Scandal! actress saw a video of pupils at HH Majiza High School in Qoboqobo, Eastern Cape, singing the hymn.

“We grew up singing that hymn every day during prayer,” she said.

“The pupils sang it so beautifully I wanted to take my mum to the school to hear them sing.”


Lusanda reached out to Facebook users to help her locate the school, which they did.

But she felt she wanted to do more for the school and asked what they needed.

“They told me about a problem with sanitation and school uniforms for 10 kids,” she said.

“I told them I won’t be able to do this on my own and would make a public call for help.”

When she visited the school with her mum last week, she donated 60 T-shirts from her brand, OBC Chicken donated 10 food parcels, caps and T-shirts, and Belen November donated 29 matric hoodies valued at R10 000.

Eighteen school uniforms were also delivered to the school.

“I also awarded a bursary to a top-performing pupil,” she said.

Lusanda said the toilets were the only outstanding thing.


“The school sent me a quotation of the toilets and there’s a company that promised to help,” she said.

“I’m happy with the relationship I’ve formed with the school and plan to visit more schools.”

Principal Bawo Ntukuntu thanked Lusanda for what she did for the school.

“I hope and pray that we’re grooming future queens like her and hope she succeeds in everything her heart desires,” said Ntukuntu.

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