Gospel artist almost lost battle with depression

Singer, Thembinkosi Manqele struggled with depression.
Singer, Thembinkosi Manqele struggled with depression.

GOSPEL artist Thembinkosi Manqele nearly lost his life because of depression.

He recently poured his heart out in a letter.

Thembinkosi said he’s been crying so much because of childhood trauma and for this reason, he almost lost his life.

His open letter reads as follows: “I’m trusting God in this difficult storm. It’s not easy entertaining and encouraging others whereas I need all kinds of encouragement. I’ve cried so much, my childhood trauma is upon me. I’m depressed and I almost lost my life. I know people would have been shocked and said: I can’t believe this.”

He encouraged people to check on their loved ones.

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“Please check on your friends and family members especially the ones who are like me, who always pretend to be alright. We’re not in denial but we’re also putting too much pressure on ourselves. We just want to see people happy but we can’t make everybody happy,” he wrote.

“We always nourish others but no one is nourishing us. It’s not because people don’t want to but we just look like everything is together. I’m only sharing this because the storm is over, He has rescued my life. Don’t feel sorry for me because I’m now OK but do check on your friends because they are going through it,” he continued.

“When people are complaining we tend to ignore them, thinking they are full of excuses but the reality is that they are really going through the most. Let us be kind and help where we can. Let’s take it easy on the judgment,” said Thembinkosi.

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