Gomora's Gladys gets her groove back!


A hot new teacher has joined Gomora High School and it seems he might be interested in Gladys.

The recently divorced and uptight Gladys in Gomora needs some excitement in her life and Mr Cele might be bringing that.

However, he has his work cut out for him, if he wants to win her heart. Gladys is living in her own bubble and often struggles to get hints.

To prove how oblivious she is, she’s living with a scammer but has no clue.

Angelina is back and there’s chaos in the Mokoena house in The River.

She dropped a bombshell when she came back from wherever she was and announced she was nine-week pregnant.

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Knowing her, she could be lying as she now knows that Paulina is expecting Thuso’s child. The fun times are over as both women have even gone as far as sharing a bed together. Crazy!

Meanwhile, if you want to spot the difference between old and new money, look at Lindiwe and Nomafu. They are both rich but unlike Lindiwe who’s used to the finer things in life.

Nomafu wants the whole world to see and know she’s loaded. Everything she does is for show. She needs to stop trying to compete with Lindiwe – they are not in the same league.

It must be nice to be Pretty from Skeem Saam.

She recently started dating Lehasa again and is getting a girlfriend allowance, already.

She couldn’t help but smile when she got a bank notification, showing the R5 000 her soon-to-be married bae deposited into her account.

How long will they keep their romance a secret?

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