Fans give BBMzansi star R500 000!

Big Brother Mzansi star Themba Mabaso is releasing an EP with DJ Tira.
Big Brother Mzansi star Themba Mabaso is releasing an EP with DJ Tira.

LIFE has been going great for Themba “Themba Broly” Mabaso.

The Big Brother Mzansi star has released an EP with DJ Tira and his fans, known as #Ghostnation, have donated R500 000 to him and are still raising money. After the 30-year-old didn’t win the reality show, his fans decided to raise the R2 million he would have received if he had won.

“I did not imagine this happening. I mean no one could have but I believe in God and I believe all this is happening because of him.

“I never anticipated it and I’m grateful,” he said.

Themba said he had big plans for the money.

“I want to have a big tattoo shop and build a studio to make music. Then I want to build my family a house. That’s something I have always wanted to do,” he said.

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Themba said he believed viewers of the show fell in love with him.

“I normally stand out but I don’t think that is why this is happening to me.

“It’s because I was genuine from the word go. I was being me. I had no strategy,” he said.

“The past months have been up and down. A lot of good happened but some bad as well but I am happy with where I am now. I want to grow my music career and open my tattoo parlour.”

Themba said he didn’t see his supporters as fans but as angels.

“I feel like they are guided by God and this is happening because of that. I want to thank them for this,” he said.

Speaking about his project with DJ Tira, he said they worked well together.

“The EP was not even planned. We flew to Durban to try and record some music and every song on the EP was recorded in one day,” he said.

“Something good came out of our time in the studio and we decided to drop it as an EP. I’m also working on more music.”

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