Embracing all kinds of models!

Clara Tsholofelo Mashike is planning to host her 3rd annual Miss Lawley Station sometime this year.
Clara Tsholofelo Mashike is planning to host her 3rd annual Miss Lawley Station sometime this year.

Model and founder of Miss Endurance SA and Miss Lawley Station, Clara Tsholofelo Mashike, is flying the pageantry flag high.

Clara started modelling in 2019 when she was 19 years old.

When she got rejected because of her height, she decided to start her own pageants to break the stigma that short people can’t be models.

The 22-year-old businesswoman wants to give young people a chance to shine.

Clara told SunBuzz that her mum is the reason why she started on this journey.

“My mum inspired me to start doing pageants so that I could gain confidence and help others who are suffering because of the stigma that short people are not fit for modelling.”

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She also mentioned that her pageants are not all about glam, but they are also about giving back to the community.

Clara also mentioned that every young girl is eligible to join her pageants.

“Every girl of any body shape and height can join my pageants as I believe that we, as the youth, are not given the opportunity to shine and showcase our talents. My pageants aim to encourage young girls to take up space and unleash their talents,” she said.

Clara said: “As a pageant organiser, getting sponsors is not easy.

“Sometimes it’s also hard to convince models to join because we live in a society where people get scammed.”

The 3rd annual Miss Lawley Station pageant will take place in Braamfontein, Joburg sometime this year.

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