‘Buy Pampers before groove’

Sicelo Nzimande and Muzi Mkhize’s song talks to fathers.
Sicelo Nzimande and Muzi Mkhize’s song talks to fathers.

UP-AND-COMING amapiano duo, Pampers, are on a mission to encourage all fathers to take full responsibility of their babies. and support them with all needs.

Muzi Mkhize and Sicelo Nzimande from Durban, KZN, have released their debut single titled Uyamazi uPampers.

The song reminds fathers to buy their children nappies before they think of partying.

They plan to wear pampers when they perform their song to send a strong message to dads who don’t take responsibility for their children.

Muzi told SunBuzz that they noticed that many fathers who go out to groove don’t support their children.

“While they are dancing to good music wherever they are, we want to remind them that it’s also good to take full responsibility for their children.

“Even if they’re unemployed, they can support their children with the little they have.

“They can buy three nappies in the nearest shop before going to groove and that will be greatly appreciated,” he said.

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Muzi said baby mamas don’t have to follow men all the time demanding papgeld.

“It’s now time for fathers to take responsibility.

“Time has changed and the time for dads to not take full responsibilities is over. It is not the time for dad to not even know the price of a pampers.

“Many fathers leave the responsibility of raising children to baby mamas and claim their children when they’re older and do not need much support,” he said.

The duo said they spent many years trying to break into the music industry, but with no luck.

said he spent many years trying his luck in music but all he was doing was not successful but he kept on trying.

“I even went to Joburg hoping that I will get the help to release my music because many people just got success there but I failed and nearly gave up.

“A few years back, we met SS Twins who helped us to release our new debut song under SS Twins Media.

He added that their debut song is a nice song that will make people dance while they hear the message of encouragement.

“We are planning to release the music video soon. We want to hide our faces so that people can focus on the nappies were are wearing and get the message,” said Muzi.

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