Asande sets sights on global gong!

Asande Mabika says it’s been an amazing journey.
Asande Mabika says it’s been an amazing journey.

THE sky is the limit for Asande Mabika.

The 18-year-old model from KwaMhlabuyalingana, KZN, is one of the finalists in Miss Teen Tourism Earth, which will be held in the Philippines between 28 July and 6 August.

Asande is currently Miss Teen Tourism Earth South Africa, a title she won in September.

“This is an exciting journey for me, mainly because I’ve been forced to get out of my comfort zone,” she said.

“My title has given me a platform to voice out many things I wouldn’t ordinarily speak of. This is because I was scared to talk about sensitive issues such as mental health and gender-based violence.”

Asande said she had to overcome her fears to help other girls do the same.

“It wasn’t easy but with time and support, I have managed to face my fears,” she said.

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“It’s been an amazing journey. I’m also learning and growing.

“I’m working hard to go to the Philippines under my country’s flag and place it high.”

Asande said she never thought she would get so far in a pageant.

“I’ll be representing all the countries but for now I’m just excited to be representing my country. Even if I don’t win, I’ll still play a major role as Miss Teen Earth Tourism South Africa.”

Asande said she had enjoyed her journey with the pageant so far.

“When I received the news that I won, I was happy but I also had mixed emotions because of my rural background,” she said.

“I never thought a girl from a deep rural area could win a national competition, let alone represent the country on an international platform.

“This is a big milestone for me and I hope other girls from rural areas are motivated by this.”

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