Amadlozi keep showing Nkosazana the way

Singer Nkosazana Sibiya says she is proud of her ancestors and African culture is the most important thing in her life. Photo by Kgomotso MedupePhoto by
Singer Nkosazana Sibiya says she is proud of her ancestors and African culture is the most important thing in her life. Photo by Kgomotso MedupePhoto by

SINGER and dancer Nkosazana Sibiya said she is proud of her ancestors.

The 31-year-old from KwaMhlabuyalingana in KZN said for her, African culture was the most important thing and she would never undermine or take it for granted.

The amapiano singer, who is based in Joburg, said singing connected her with her ancestors and she was guided by them. The Idlozi Lami hitmaker said she was trained for stage and theatre performances.

“Whenever I am on stage, people go crazy. When I finish my performances, fans will continue following me until I leave the venue,” she said. “I have been a singer and dancer from childhood, and I still continue to perfect my moves.”

The singer used to perform with her father’s music group, Vukani People Drama & Cultural Music Club, which sings African music.

She said she was inspired by her father, Reuben Sibiya, who taught her stage performance and discipline.

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“I am always appreciative of the role he played in my music career and life in general and I am also thankful for my mother as well, Hlengiwe Mngomezulu.”

Nkosazana said her popularity started last year after the release of Idlozi Lami, which she recorded with DJ Fretz and DJ Obza.

“I am the voice behind Idlozi Lami and I wrote it as well. This song connects me with my ancestors who continue to show me the way,” she said.

Nkosazana said she wrote the song in 2014 when she was studying music at Central Johannesburg College.

“All my songs are very prophetic and almost everything in my songs comes to pass.

“I am a spiritual person and not scared to talk about my roots and being in a position of acknowledging tradition and African beliefs,” she said.

Nkosazana said when she performed Idlozi Lami she felt the presence of amadlozi and God.

“When I am on stage, I don’t have control of what I am doing but the spirit of the ancestors will be moving around me,” she said.

She also said what made her keep entertaining people was her love of music and the bond she had with her fans.

Nkosazana said she also sang Afro-pop and urban Zulu. She was busy with other music projects that she wanted to be a surprise to her fans.

She recently released an EP called Idlozi Lami with six tracks.

She’s featured by several artists and their projects will be released soon.

She said she was busy performing around South Africa and this month, she would be touring Mozambique and Botswana.

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