The H6 is a luxurious SUV at a good price. Photo by Johan Vos
The H6 is a luxurious SUV at a good price. Photo by Johan Vos

HAVAL is making serious strides in Mzansi.

Its third-generation H6 is extremely popular and it’s not too difficult to see why.

The H6 comes at a good price, performs well and is loaded with luxury. Oh, and it’s also very spacious.

All of this makes the H6 an ideal family SUV.

It also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the looks department. It has nice lines, looks modern and boasts an aggressive grille.

Responsiveness is important when behind the wheel of an SUV as you want to have the peace of mind that you can overtake easily when needed.

The H6 delivers with its powerful 2.0-litre, four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. It generates 150kW and a powerful 30Nm of torque. The engine is mated with a seven-speed automated dual-clutch transmission.

The ride comfort of this Haval is excellent and the smooth ride will make any family trip a breeze.

The H6 offers loads of bootspace. Photo by Johan Vos
The H6 is spacious. Photo by Johan Vos
The H6 is fitted with a huge touchscreen. Photo by Johan Vos
The new Haval H6. Photo by Johan Vos
The H6 is a luxurious SUV at a good price. Photo by Johan Vos

The H6’s lightweight design offers a 14,5% increase in fuel efficiency.

Inside the cabin, the silence is deafening if you don’t blast your tunes through the eight-speaker sound system, thanks to the reduced NVH (noise, vibrations and harshness).

Haval loves huge touch screens and the H6 is no exception with the 12,3-inch ultra-smart touch screen.

The size is great when the parking cameras are in use. The touch screen is simple to use and you can connect your phone in a split second.

It also features a 10,25-inch virtual instrument display which spoils the driver.

Other luxuries, to name a few, include a wireless charge, a 360-degree camera with panoramic view, front seat heating and a panoramic sunroof.

Some of the safety features include traffic sign recognition, lane-keeping assist, autonomous emergency braking and rear cross-traffic alert. The H6 is also kitted with adaptive cruise control.

The H6 is a versatile SUV and it delivers on so many levels. It’s here to stay in Mzansi as it’ll be sure to attract more buyers.

Haval made this review possible.


H6 2WD Premium R431 900

H6 2WD Luxury R466 900

H6 4WD Luxury R494 900

H6 4WD Super Luxury R529 900

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