TS Galaxy owner Tim Sukazi is on the verge of finalizing a deal to buy the status of Bloemfontein Celtic Photo by Gallo Images.
TS Galaxy owner Tim Sukazi is on the verge of finalizing a deal to buy the status of Bloemfontein Celtic Photo by Gallo Images.

TS Galaxy chairman Tim Sukazi says it is just a matter of time before he completes the purchase of Bloemfontein Celtic status.

Sukazi said he has been speaking to Celtic since June last year to show his intention to buy the club’s status.

“I have been speaking to Celtic for quite a while now. As a matter of fact, we spoke in January and sadly we didn’t have time,” said Sukazi on Ikhwekhwezi FM. 

“But we have since moved further. At the end of this month, we’ll be dealing with the financial closure and by June I’ll announce to the people of KwaNdebele that we’ll have a team in the PSL. 

“But bear in mind, this is process and there are terms of conditions and time line," said Sukazi, who is a lawyer by professional and has his also company called QT Sport that manages players".

Sukazi added if all goes well, he’ll sell the GladAfrica Championship status of TS Galaxy as the NSL doesn’t allow an individual to own two clubs in the PSL at the same time. 

“If everything passes, it is when we’ll sell the status of Galaxy because in the PSL you are not allowed to run two clubs in the national association which is the PSL,” Sukazi revealed. The Bloemfontein Celtic status is said to be worthy about R60-65million.

Last week, Sukazi said even though it would be will be an exciting prospect if the Celtic deal was doable, it could also create an operational nightmare, geographically, if things are done haphazardly.

“Firstly, I am not willing to move to Bloemfontein. That will not happen, we are remaining in KwaNdebele because I cannot leave my TS Galaxy personality, that defies logic," said Sukazi on Friday.

“Maybe the option would be to swap the franchises and I take Celtic’s status in the PSL and the people in Bloemfontein take Galaxy status in the first division, but the club names remain in their respective provinces. But are the people in Bloemfontein willing to accept that? I am not sure – as we all know how much they love the club and that could spell trouble," Sukazi added. 

Galaxy made history by defeating Kaizer Chiefs in the 2019 Nedbank Cup finals

Contacted for comment on Friday, Celtic head honcho Tshabalala refused to engage and said that he does not do interviews with the media, before hanging up the phone.  

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