Raising kids means providing for them and guiding them to become responsible adults.

We must practise what we preach. We must not forbid our children from doing certain things while we do those exact things in front of them.

Children look up to their parents and all adults around them. You can’t teach your kids that crime doesn’t pay yet expect them to listen to you even though you’re raising them with the proceeds of crime.

Earning a living through crime is bad for your children’s development. They might imitate you when they grow up or even start stealing from their schoolmates.

People who make a living from fraud and smuggling are a bad example to our kids. Some children today envy the lives of hardened criminals who drive expensive cars.

TV dramas also make kids believe that, to be a successful businessperson, you must have been a convicted criminal at some point. Not many rich men in these dramas started their businesses from scratch.

Those who raise their kids with dirty money must know they’re raising future criminals who’ll torment them and their communities.

Adults must act responsibly and legally in the presence of young people.

PC Masipa, Ga-Manthata

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