SANGOMA hits the dance floor leaving Mzansi shocked.

We live in interesting times indeed.

These are the words of many who're questioning how this is happening.

We've seen sangomas perform miracles but we've never seen them jaiving in parties or clubs.

Even though a few say it's okay for him to do as he pleases because it's his life, many believe that this is disrespectful to his ancestors and should not be happening.

"These days people will do anything for likes and views, it's shocking. This is very disappointing and disrespectful to say the least," said Lulu Shani on Twitter.

Lindokuhle Fakude said he's not sure why this guy is jaiving like this while he has his attire on but he wouldn't be able to still trust him as a sangoma because he looks funny.

"He doesn't respect his ancestors but he looks young and I hope he'll find people who'll guide him on his journey.

Magauta Mabeleng said one of her cousins used to do such things and people around the neighborhood stopped taking her seriously.

"When the family tried to guide her, she would throw tantrums and tell us to mind our business, now she has zero clients because of such," said Magauta.

A sangoma, Themba Gamede said he doesn't know what this man's ancestors allow and do not allow but he's never seen a sangoma doing such and doesn't believe those old sangomas would do this.

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