Police Minister, General Bheki Cele. Photo: Raymond Morare.
Police Minister, General Bheki Cele. Photo: Raymond Morare.

POLICE Minister Bheki Cele honoured the women in blue during the commemoration of the annual National Police Day on Thursday, 27 January.

It was held at the South African Police Service’s Tshwane Academy.

“Wa thinta abafazi, uzofa finish!” he said.

Cele said the day was meant to commemorate the contribution of women in policing, to celebrate those who serve the nation with integrity and pride, and to pay homage to those who have fallen.

“We salute those women trailblazers who, against all odds, demonstrated that women are more than up to the task to lead with integrity and excellence. Thank you maphoyisa for delivering a safer festive season and managing to keep crime at manageable levels,” said Cele.

Among others, the minister appreciated Sergeant Catherine Tladi, who is deemed as having a passion for solving crimes affecting women and children.

“She has flown the country’s flag high through her investigation work that resulted in five life sentences and 1 088 years’ imprisonment imposed on the convicted Pretoria serial rapist,” he said.

Cele said there were many more officers who had taken up the call to improve their service to victims of gender-based violence and went beyond the call of duty to ensure justice was served.

“It has not been easy for women to make their mark in previously male-dominated units within the organisation but I’m happy that this organisation values the importance of gender equality by increasing the number of female officers. Let us focus our energies on what needs to be done to create a safer environment for all people in South Africa, especially women and children,” said Cele.

Police commissioner General Khehla Sitole said the celebration was about the women in blue and that the number of women in the organisation was increasing.

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