Abongile Mabusela was murdered at her house on Sunday.
Abongile Mabusela was murdered at her house on Sunday.

WHEN Abongile Mabusela received a call from someone asking for directions to her flat, she didn’t know she was talking to her killers.

The 37-year-old from Langa, Cape Town, received the call while at church on Sunday, 23 January, and left.

A friend (35) said when Abongile arrived at her flat and opened the door, two strangers shot her twice before fleeing.

“She told me some people wanted directions to her house but we didn’t talk about it because we were at church.

“She left in a hurry to meet them, although she didn’t know them. Little did she know she was about to meet death.”

A relative (29) said the family was shocked, adding that Abongile was unemployed and they didn’t why anyone would want to kill her.

The relative said they would not yet comment as her mum was still on her way to Cape Town from the Eastern Cape.

“We’re mourning and in pain,” she said. Neighbours said they heard gunshots and when they looked outside, they saw two men running away. They then found Abongile lying in a pool of blood.

Police spokesman Sergeant Wesley Twigg said a murder case was opened.

“Police were called to the scene and found the victim with gunshot wounds to the head. She was declared dead on the scene. The suspects are still at large.”

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