Lucky Dhlamini says he sustained these injuries when a cop sjamboked him on Sunday.
Lucky Dhlamini says he sustained these injuries when a cop sjamboked him on Sunday.

ACCORDING to Lucky Dhlamini (40), he was moered with a sjambok while coming from the shops on Sunday,

Lucky from Phiritona near Heilbron, Free State, said he bought airtime and was going home on Sunday when cops stopped him.

Said Lucky: “They asked if I didn’t know about the lockdown and the cop started beating me with a sjambok. There were female cops in the car.”

On Tuesday he was arrested and told he had pushed a female cop who was in hospital with a broken leg.

“I was charged with assault and spent Tuesday night in jail.”

On Wednesday a cop sent him home.

“The cop said I didn’t push anybody.”

Lucky said he opened a case against the police and Ipid took over.

A man, who said he was hiding from the cops in the bushes, said he saw a male cop beating Lucky with a sjambok.

“Lucky didn’t push any cop,” he told Daily Sun.

Police spokesman Motantsi Makhele confirmed that two cases were opened.

He said the officers stopped the suspect when he allegedly became aggressive.

“He pushed a cop to the ground, where she hurt her left knee and was treated in hospital.

“The suspect alleges he was assaulted by a police officer with a sjambok and was treated at the same hospital,” said Makhele.

“A case of assault of a police officer was opened and Ipid is investigating the docket of a member.”

Spokesman Sontaga Seisa said Ipid was investigating a case against a police officer regarding assault allegations.

“No arrest has been made,” said Sontaga.

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