Police kill man for cutting up girlfriend

Photo by iStock
Photo by iStock

IPID is investigating the police shooting of a man bust cutting up his dead girlfriend’s body on New Year’s Day.

It’s believed a cop shot the man after he tried to attack police who interrupted him while he was removing the organs from the body at Amaoti, north of Durban in KZN.

Ipid spokeswoman Grace Langa said the 34-year-old stabbed his girlfriend to death while visiting her.

“The boyfriend, who is now the deceased, was reported to the police and when police arrived at the girlfriend’s cottage, they found him busy cutting the girlfriend’s body.

“He was opening her stomach and taking out the intestines as if he was conducting a post mortem. It was reported that the deceased tried to attack the policemen and they shot him dead.”

Langa said three empty 9mm cartridges were found on the scene and a knife was recovered.

She said the identity of the woman has not been confirmed, even though she was killed at the room she was renting.

“We found the lady’s bank cards with no ID number. The family is not known. Investigations are continuing,” she said.

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