SHOCKING prejudice, cruelty and fake news is putting a woman and her family in danger.

Now the woman, whose name is known to Daily Sun, wants people to stop spreading lies about her.

This after a heartless post went viral on social media, claiming that she eats people. They even call her “Zim Zim” – a childhood story about a human-like animal that lures people to his home, sings a lullaby for them and eats them.

The social media post is getting attention, with some even threatening to kill her should they come across her.

Now the 24-year-old is afraid to leave her house. She said she created a Facebook profile in March and uploaded a picture.

“In June, a friend told me someone posted a picture of me saying I’m a mum of three kids and looking for a man,” she said.

The woman said she didn’t pay attention to the post, but the recent one was making her life a living hell.

“According to the recent post, I go to people’s homes at night, pretending to beg for food and a place to sleep then eat the whole family,” she said.

She said the post was also affecting her mum and six-year-old son, who is afraid to play with other kids.

She said her life has turned upside down.

“People stop and stare wherever I go. I hate it so much and I wish I had control over this whole thin,” she said.

She said she didn’t understand why anyone would post such evil things.

Her father said he was on his way to Newcastle, KZN when he heard about this and turned back to try to protect his child.

“My daughter is a beautiful, respectful girl who’d never put anyone in such a situation.

“It breaks my heart to see the damage that social media can cause in someone’s life,” he said.

A concerned resident said she feared for the woman’s life, especially because of gender-based violence.

“We’re afraid that people with evil minds will take advantage of the situation and end up killing her. Please, stop sharing that nonsense.

“You’re putting someone’s life in danger,” she begged.

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