Married 11 times and still looking for love!


A WOMAN, who has been married 11 times to nine different men, says she has not given up on love.

The 52-year-old said she was convinced that she would still find “the one”.

She reportedly fantasised about marrying her brother’s friends when she was a young girl, and first tied the knot just after leaving school.

According to The Mirror, she knew her first husband from high school and married him two months after telling her sister that he would be her groom.

However, things did not last between the young lovers, leading to the woman getting engaged to a man she always had fun with.

Sadly, that union also fell apart, only for them to give it another go shortly after they officially split.

Similar problems sneaked into their marriage once again, leading her to putting a ring on another man’s finger.

Reportedly, she said: “Number eight; I met him online and a week later, we drove to Las Vegas and got married. “Number nine was very charismatic, and just the kind of guy you should not be attracted to, but sometimes you are.”

Throughout her life, she has been proposed to 28 times.

Despite such a large amount of heartbreak and more proposals than an investors’ conference, she was far from being fed-up.

She said she spent her life trying to force these men to live up to an elusive soulmate she had in her head.

“Now, I don’t need to look for that anymore,” she said.

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