Man chops off his legs for insurance!


RECENTLY, Mzansi got to know of ex-cop Rosemary Ndlovu, who killed her family members to cash out on insurance claims.

A man from Hungary tried to do the same thing – but by chopping off his legs to claim a £2,4 million (about R49 million) insurance payout.

According to Mirror, the man’s attempt to defraud insurance companies ended with a suspended jail sentence and hefty fine.

It is reported that the 54-year-old from Nyírcsászári village purposely lied down in front of a train so he could pocket the cash in 2014.

“The shocking incident meant both his legs were amputated from the knee down. He has been using prosthetic limbs, and remained wheelchair-bound ever since,” the article read.

The publication reports that insurance companies refused to pay him because they suspected his injuries were self-inflicted.

The Sun reports that after seven years of intensive investigation, a two-year suspended prison sentence was handed down to him and was ordered to pay £4 725 (about R90 000) in legal costs.

Reacting to the judgment, the man vowed to appeal the sentence.

“I need to see this through to the end because as is, this is not right, and the court must feel the same way,” he told local media publications.

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