ITS WAR: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says Prophet Paseka Mboro is tarnishing his image in the media by making false statements. Photos From Facebook and Collen Mashaba.
ITS WAR: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says Prophet Paseka Mboro is tarnishing his image in the media by making false statements. Photos From Facebook and Collen Mashaba.

THIS TIME the pretending is over and the gloves are off.

And the legal threats are flying from both sides.


On the one side is Prophet Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng, the President of the Church Mandate Turn Around Movement and the leader of the Incredible Happenings Church. On the other side stands Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church leader, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

The fight first started in 2016 when Mboro accused Bushiri and his associates of spearheading an alleged fake discrediting scheme that claimed he went to heaven and back.

The fight has now intensified after Daily Sun told the story of Felicia Sibeko (46) from Westonaria, who said she invested R130 000 in Bushiri’s Gold Forex and Commodities scheme in 2017 that she never got anything out of, leaving her and her husband penniless.

Felicia said this was after she visited the ECG church at Tshwane Showground in 2017 and decided to invest after she sold her taxi.

Felicia and her husband went to Prophet Mboro’s church and he prayed for them, and last week he bought them groceries.

In addition, an ECG preacher is demanding millions from Bushiri. The preacher, an attorney, known as MW Mukhawana, has released a statement saying he invested a lot of money with Bushiri Forex and Commodities Trading in June 2017.

“My wife and I invested and were promised a huge return of profits after depositing the money into the account of the Stewardship. The money was meant to build flats and leave a legacy for our kids,” he said.

“Till today we have not seen a cent.”

He said his late wife approached Mboro before her death, and he has decided to approach Mboro himself to get the money back from Bushiri.

The Bushiri Kingdom, through Baloyi-Ntsako Attorneys, presented Mboro with a letter of demand dated 11 September.

The letter reads: “Bushiri is falsely accused of defrauding Felicia Sibeko and her husband Arthur Sibeko of R130 000.”

The letter claims the allegations are false.

“The Sibekos are well aware that our client was an investor in the scheme and he believed it to be legitimate,” reads the letter.

It continues to say when Bushiri found out the scheme was fraudulent, he personally undertook to repay those who had fallen victim to the scheme and that is what he did! The letter claims the money was paid.

“Our client paid Mr and Mrs Sibeko the amount of R130 000.

“Mr and Mrs Sibeko and more importantly yourself, were at all times aware that our client was not behind the scheme, but was merely an investor,” read the letter

“You have since defamed our client by publishing defamatory videos on social media, made derogatory statements to the media, including but not limited to Daily Sun and have publicly stated that you will assist the Sibekos to institute legal proceedings.”

Mboro said he was not moved by Bushiri and his legal team because Bushiri was at war with him since the issue of the “fake Heaven pictures” and fake social media accounts. He alleged that Bushiri and his team created the social media accounts to tarnish his image.

Mboro said Felicia Sibeko and attorney MW Makhwane approached him as the President of the Church Mandate Turn Around Movement.

“I will not back down from helping people because of a legal letter.

“I will continue to stand up tall and defend, help and speak for anyone who needs my assistance.”

He said he would not be bullied or silenced for speaking the truth.

“My legal team is handling the matter. They are also handling the lawsuit against Bushiri through which the people he robbed will be legally represented,” said Mboro.

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